You are running a tea store or wholesale business, and you would like to add a range of tea workshops or tea seminars to your portfolio? You have already been working as a tea educator, but you feel unsure about your ability to effectively communicate your knowledge and make a lasting impression on your guests? Special knowledge and extensive tea expertise will be just as important a prerequisite as your ability to bring together and live (and educate) up to the expectations of a group of people from various backgrounds and with a diverse range of prior knowledge.

From your own experience you are most likely painfully aware of the seemingly endless sources, myths and misinformation surround the chemistry as well as the diverse traditions of culture and preparation of tea. When you first started out on your professional tea career, it took you a while until you had figured out which sources to trust, and which information to rely upon in order to differenciate fact from fraud. In the course of a tea seminar you will accompany the potential aficionados of tomorrow on the very first steps of their very own tea journey. Not only is that a great chance to introduce your carefully selected range of teas to new customers, you also get to reach a vast group of people who so far may simply not have been properly introduced to the pleasure of brewing and enjoying a cup of high-quality loose-leaf tea. A tea seminar is therefore the perfect means to be introducing in an education yet entertaining manner the world(s) of tea to a group of people who have so far had only little (to none) tea experience.

Your ability to adapt the conducting as well as the timing of your tea seminar to the actual needs of your guests at hand is, consequentially, just as important as your being prepared to face a group of people with most diverse a range of prior knowledge, eagerly waiting to be guided through the murky waters of misinformation until you reach your noble goal of delivering a fulfilling and long-lasting tea seminar experience to your guests. The skills needed in order to perform this challenging task may seem numerous, but they can be mastered – and the even better news is: I am here to help. Sharing with you my years worth of practical as well as theoretical knowledge and my extensive experience in the B2C-focused transfer of tea-related information, I can consult you regarding (or create for you) a concept for a range of tea seminars suited to both the needs of your business and your personal style. If you would like to learn more: please do not hesidate to give me a call, send me an e-mail, or contact me on Skype.

Your coach: Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler
A professional language and communication specialist as well as a public relations consultant, my first career path has left me well-equipped to process and paraphrase information and special knowledge as well as to use my rhetorical skills in order to educate people from different backgrounds in an effective yet approachable manner. In the course of the past 15 years I was able to gather extensive knowledge about, not only, the various ways to interpret tea as a cultural artefact and as a beverage, but also about the production techniques, quality standards, and of course, brewing styles. I have been able to share my knowledge and passion for tea with hundreds of people – be it in my former role as chief teaist of a specialty tea company founded in Berlin, through my corporate events, consulting for the hotel, restaurant and café industry or, of course, in my own tea seminars.