Tea workshops and seminars conducted by Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler cover a wide range of topics: from basic questions about water filtering, temperatures and steeping times to cultural and historical background information. And from processing techniques in different tea growing regions to the biochemical properties of the tea plant. Each tea seminar involves, of course, the tasting, the evaluating and (most importantly) the enjoying of numerous teas: starting with white and green teas from regions like China and Japan, via Taiwanese oolongs, and ending with Indian, Chinese or even Korean black teas.

Tea seminar in Berlin

Tea 101: An Introduction to the World(s) of Tea | Tea seminar
An in-depth (and entertaining) introduction to tea brewing, processing, leaf grades, tea culture and history, as well as chemistry and botany of the tea plant. Accompanied – of course – by the tasting of several high-quality teas from white and green via oolong through to black.
Venue: macha-macha space for japanese tea

Focus: Exploring Japanese Green Teas | Tea tasting session
Japan is famous for its large variety of green teas. This tea tasting session lets you smell, taste and slurp the most important classics from sencha to genmaicha – and also introduces you to precious specialties such as shade-grown gyokuro and matcha (finely ground tea).
Venue: Nannuoshan Tea House

Focus: White tea | Tea seminar focussing on Chinese white tea (Fujian, Yunnan, …), Darjeeling white tea and white tea from Taiwan (“white oolong”)

Focus: Green tea | Tea seminar about green teas from China, Japan, and Korea; special focus: matcha preparation

Focus: Oolong tea | Tea seminar about Chinese and Taiwanese oolong teas; special focus: Darjeeling First Flush – black tea or oolong?

Focus: Black teas and dark oolongs | Tea seminar focussing on black teas and dark oolongs from Japan, Korea and Taiwan

Focus: Black tea | Tea seminar focussing on Chinese and Korean black tea and black teas from India (Darjeeling, Assam, …) and Sri Lanka (“Ceylon tea”)