The similarities between tea and wine are remarkable. Similar to the degustation of wine, tastes and aromas unite to form unique flavours, many of which are so complex that it takes practice to pinpoint them. Attending a tea tasting is one way of getting started: it involves the guided evaluating and (most importantly) the eyjoying of teas from either a specific tea producing region (eg Japan) or a certain level of oxidation (eg: white tea).

Tea tasting in Berlin

»chanoyuki @ MINAKAMI« | Tea tasting & Japanese fusion kitchen
Selection of teas paired with Japanese-European Izakaya dishes (vegetarian option available)

»Japan« | Tea special
Mostly known for its numerous green tea varieties, the “Land of the Rising Sun” also has a surprising history of black tea. An introduction (and, of course: tasting!) to the whole range of Japanese teas.

»White teas« | Tea tasting
Guided tasting of white teas from China to India, and from Nepal to Taiwan

»Japanese teas« | Tea tasting
Guided tasting of high-grade gyokuro, kabusecha and sencha green teas from Japan

»Green teas« | Tea tasting
Guided tasting of green teas and “green” oolong teas from China to Japan, and from Taiwan to Korea